ATTN: Rogue BJJ Mod

I just got warned for the second time in two weeks.

I've not been on the forums much lately, and almost all of my posts have been answering questions here in the BJJ forum.

What gives?

funny i had the same thing happen as well as not being able to reply to certain threads due to it being restricted to Pro members only (but on the BJJ forum)?

KDTA - Pro members have the ability in ANY forum on here to limit who can read and/or post to a given thread.


It's probably because you make so many belligerent, obnoxioux, and desparaging threads and comments to everyone on here.  I can't think of anyone that trolls worse than you do.


Twinkletoes, I am not the one who warned you, but I wouldnt take it too seriously. Ive been warned for innocent posts, as well, and it is always a case of the mod reading your thread, wanting to scroll down, and accidentally hitting the "warn user" button that is just above the posts we read.

yeah...TT is a real troublemaker...

he is one of the most respectful posters on, even if he disagrees he is classy when he does  

dont worry about that shit Chris...



John and Adam,

It's ok, you don't have to defend my heinous actions. It's time I learned a lesson from all my reprehensible behavior.

I'm turning over a new leaf. No more of this online chest-beating, fight-picking, and nastiness. BJJ players around the world share a rare sense of comradeship, and it's time I stopped getting in the way of it.

Andre, stick to your guns and warn me! I respect you as a mod. Keep me to my promise! The old ways must die!

And in the words of Homer Simpson...... "Rage-aholic? Oh, NO! I'm addicted to rage-ahol!!! (sob)"


LOL...consider yourself warned!