attn ron faircloth

Hey ron i am a big fan you are a warrior! I am going to your next fight in ohio against Nate Eddy and i just wanted to wish you luck and see how training was going. Also you know of any good fighters on the card i should keep my eye out for thanks.

are you listening faircloth???

Pay attention Ron, this guy is talking to you! Damn it Ron, don't make me call you and wake you out of bed! Just kidding, I already talked to Ron today, so he must be awake. LOL, I'll call Ron and let him know to check the UG, I'm sure he'll see this.



Ron treats his fans "special", be afraid.

ronn is fightin some cat named jason freeman not nate eddy


rons has some tough fights but i hope he is training cause i would love to see him get the w and have the ufc call.

Hey King I'm in coming to fight thats for sure....I'm in shape and on a three fight streak....Keep'em crossed and lets hope for a great fight.....I think I'm fighting Jason Freeman at least thats what I was told....Make sure to say Hi

ttt for a beating on freebird.

what about a squirlly bird?

ttt for a Faircloth W

About time you answered the man Ron! Sheesh!

King the commission screwed me over and added stuff today that I can't get done in time....I'm out man...sorry

Thats a bummer Ron. We were looking forward to having you fight in the NAAFS and in front of the great fight fans in Ohio. The comission here is pretty strict. Have Pat get a hold of me next week...we'd love to bring you back soon.

For those wondering, Sean Salmon is replacing Ron and wil be fighting Freebird Freeman. Remember that name. He's not just some guy.

I will and I'm real sorry about the mix up...