ATTN:Ronin MMA guys, day training?

hey, I know there's about 1000 of you slackers posting on here!

I have to work nights, so I was wondering if anyone was interested in training during the days..any days (not too early though)

Lemme know on here, or shoot me an e-mail

Mark (aka Rick James, Bitch)

What exactly are your hours now?
When do you have to leave the gym for work?

for the next week and a half, I have to be here for 3:30

After that, I have to be here for 5:30.

count me in full time if you can do anytime before 10am... love to get back with you guys

LOL no way Lofty will be up before 10 AM!


Cmon Wade! we can fix him! how are things man? are you going to the TKO show this weekend?

Shut up, Wade! I'm a busy man in the evenings lol

Crazyhook, you the one that works for Minto? They raised my rent this year, I will kicks you ass when you shows up.

Oh, go check your ronin mail, baldy.

I will be at Ronin Friday and Saturday and still make it to TKO Saturday night. You going? ANyone else from Ronin?


ttt for Baki and the other lurkers (Giraffao)

Fashion Police, I work for Minto, I do not own minto! I did not raise your rent but you can kick my ass if you get up early! see you at the show Wade

Well, if baldy gives me the key I can open up the gym before 10 am on Friday (5th) and Monday (8th). I have to see if he'll give me the keys first.

You just put that wish in one hand and crap in the other, let us know which gets filled first.

I see, you want Crazyhook's sexy ass all to yourself.

What the hell are you guys talking about. !

It seems we were fighting over crazyhook, he's just too cute.

damb, you fighting in March? I won't be seeing you much since I am only doing Vale Tudo this year.

Mark I'll be in soon and would definetley
be interested in some day training.

Excellent! If we can get a couple more guys, we'll be able to have the super duper work out. See you!

Mark let me know. I will call you in the morning. Fashion Police, have we met??