ATTN: ROOSTER...baptism

if you are baptized in jesus name...and you dont speak in tongues did you receive the Holy Spirit...will everyone speak in tongues at least once with the intitial indwelling of the Holy Spirit...will some people be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit and not speak in tongues?...this is a very important question that my cousins wife would like an answer too...Jesse get deep with you explination covering this very important subject...

because as you and I know I have never seen or felt some one receive the initial indwelling of the HOly Spirit with out speaking in tongues...Jesse please help me my brother...

Hey bro, I haven't been on here much and I will be in meetings all day today. I will give you a long answer tonight or tomorrow.

My initial response is that I believe tongues is the only universal sign, that provided assurance that someone had received the Holy Spirit when the New Testament church was born (see Acts).

Some people will argue that you receive the Holy Spirit when you believe, accept the gospel, are baptized, have miracles in your life, receive Jesus by confession etc. but there are two specific examples in Acts that conflict with that.

One is the conversion of the samaritans in acts 8. They receive the word with gladness, have miracles, demons are expelled, the believe on the gospel, there is joy and they are even baptized in Jesus name. However, Peter and John have to come down and pray for them because after all that, none of them had received the Spirit.


Now in that case the bible doesn't say they spoke in tongues, but their experience was so powerful (above and beyond all the miracles that had already happened) that Simon the sorcerer wanted to buy the power.

Also, check out Paul's conversion on the road to damascus. Paul has his vision of Jesus...Jesus talks to Him. He calls Jesus Lord and He immediately obeys Jesus' command (to go see Aninas). He has confessed Jesus as Lord and He shows the Lordship of Jesus by immediately abandoning his warrants to round up Christians and instead follow Jesus.

However, 3 days later (with fasting and scales on his eyes) he arrives to see Aninas who tells him to ARISE AND BE BAPTIZED WASHING AWAY YOUR SINS CALLING ON THE NAME OF THE LORD", and the bible says at that time (3 days later) he received the Holy Spirit (Paul later testifies that he speaks in tongues "more then ye all").

So, if confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior, if believing, if repenting, if obeying Jesus is the mode of receving forgiveness of sins and receiving the Spirit, why was Paul seeking Aninias 3 days later, still in sin, still without the Spirit?

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There are a lot more verses I can share that persuade me if no one else.

Also, check out Acts 10...the only way that Peter and the rest of the Jews knew that the gentiles had received the Spirit is because "they received the Spirit the same way as we".

This was a normative experience fulfilling Joel's prophecy, "that in the last days saith God I will pour out my Spirit on ALL flesh..."

The infilling of the Spirit is not meant to be some warm fuzzy, but it meant to be an experience with the almighty God! It is supernatural and one is forever transformed and changed, just as circumcision fundamentally changed the outside of someone, so is the circumcision of the heart (the infilling of the Spirit) which cuts away the stoney part of our heart.

Remember also, that your lifestyle will be as powerful if not more testimony of the supernatural power of the Spirit.