Attn: Rooster

Dude, have you read any G.T. Haywood? If you haven't, then you need to put him on your "To Read" list. You can order his stuff online from his church's site. Which I believe is called Christ's Temple.

Anyway, I'm rereading some of his stuff, and I know you'd dig him.


I haven't. Do you have a link? Thanks!

Yeah, I had one at one time. And I've found a couple of biographies of him online from some Shiloah bookstore or something. But I'm not sure if those books contain his actual writings. One of them is called The Life and writings of G.T. Haywood, but I'm checking up on it. The link that I've somehow lost, was from his church which I can't seem to find now. It had all of his writings available to order.

I'll get you some info.

Awesome, thanks!