Attn: Rooster

Just out of curiosity, where are you from?

I remember you mentioning some facts about yourself in some of your posts.

I know you were a former catholic. You were a boxer (I think golden gloves). You study Judo as well as Bjj.

I recall you posting that you were from that true? Can you speak spanish?

I'm just curious, no harm is meant by any of this.

Hi MG, no harm taken. I'm 1/2 mexican and 1/2 portuguese. I am from KCMO. How about you?

you're mexican...that explains alot!!

actually i'm seriously kidding about that! how those

Kempo: you're mexican...that explains alot!!
actually i'm seriously kidding about that! how those

Me: explains the passion I guess:-)

You didn't finish your sentence?

hey rooster im also part mexican and from MO. nice to have something in common with ya.

cool! Where do you train?

Rodrigo Vaghi's in St.Louis, South County to be more exact. And while im on your thread i went to a UPC church weds night. :) I didnt have time to make it to my church so i went there instead.

No way! I got my stripe on my white belt there years ago! I stayed down there for a few days and worked out with Steve Berger, and Mike and Todd Fox. That is to cool!

I hung out with them and they were all great great guys! How did you like church? That's also way cool!

I'm from Denver.

MG: cool, i think I will be traveling there once a year for work. We should get together and workout. Or at least go out for coffee and continue our conversations! That would be cool! What part of Denver?

Joe Craig, I went out with Mike and Todd and Steve and they are great guys. I sometimes wish I had gotten back there more often to hang out with them. I'm not sure if they remember me as it was years ago and I was just beginning. I train with Steve Hanna who they might remember. They started with him (he's a brown belt now).

Mike and Steve have big fights coming up. Mike is fighting Alex Stiebling and Steve is fighting Phill Johns i think(bad memory)Jan 2. Last i heard about Todd he is doing security and traveling around with a band again cant remember wich one. Hes hardly ever in town.

The UPC church was good I hadnt been to a UPC church in a long time. Everyone welcomed me except the young men of the church. I guess because all their girls were talking to me. ;) Most of the people in the church new who i was but hadnt seen me since i was a little kid. The quite whisper around the church was "you know who that is dont ya?" I didnt mind that tho because some of them people knew about my past and had made comments about me when i first gave my heart to God and starting dateing a Christian girl who used to be apart of the UPC church. No need to go into that because its in the past, but im sure you know how bad news travels a million times faster than good news. If the good news even makes it all.

All in all it was a good time no mention of anti-Trinity or Catholocism just pure preaching from the Word and that is what i needed.

I understand.

I don't know if Mike and Steve remember me but tell them hello. We train with "Montana" a Barra Gracie Blackbelt. If they are ever in KC tell them to come by and train!

So were you raised UPC? I wasn't. I know that it seems that the churches are either very good or they can be very "controlling". I left one UPC church for another and am much happier.

No I was not raised UPC, however, I was raised in and out of Pentacostal churhes. My current church was part of the UPC at one time and now we are nondenom. My Pastor, Roy Gerald was also a very high ranking member and teacher in the churh as well as the school Gateway here in St.Louis.

When my parents divored my mom did not take me and my sister to church much. We did go every other weekend with my dad though, who started attending a Pentacostal church that accepts the Trinity. It was like that up until highschool and I then pretty much would just go to church on holidays. For the most part the churches we went to had a type of holy standard, but were not crazy strict.

Wow! Is your current Pastor still oneness just non affiliated?

It's great that you had enough influence to now go as an adult.

Totally non affiliated, and in our beliefs we teach that God is triune, in our classes for those who want to become members. I guess that is our way of avoiding the question. I have heard a pastor in the church say that he feels the debate is just another tool of the devil in dividing the chuch. So as far as i know we have a wonderful mixture of some oneness and some fellow trinitarians. Check out our website if you want i think its

Man God has been good to me after all the stuff i have done. I am living proof when the word says that the Lord will not give you more than you can handle. You know it sounds kinda funny but while i was being promiscious and partying i still had some morals. Like i never wanted to have a kid with out being married and i almost screwed that one up.

So since were talking tell me about your self i know you used to be Catholic. My father has just returned to the Catholic faith and he has grown more in the last two years then all the years before. I myself have taken in the best of both worlds(or i like to think so)I really do like going to mass but i would not leave my home church.

Wow, what a journey you have been on and are still one! I wish you the best!


You didn't answer the question whether you can speak spanish?

ooops, no actually not. I can understand some but I'm not fluent.

TTT for the holy rooster!

hahaha! Love ya Bro!