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Ever read the book of Enoch? I think it would fit you. It is a book excluded from the cannon of the bible which goes into fantastic detail of the fallen sons of God and how they taught men how to mix metals and wage war, taught the women to paint their faces to create beauty. Goes on about the reason for taking women, was to interrupt the line to Christ, thus being one major cause of the flood. Book lines up with scripture to perfection. Enoch spoke an Angelic language that he could not put into human words (tho he tried) and was at one point interceeding for the Fallen Angels whereby God told Enoch to go to the Fallen ones and tell them that they were to interceed for mankind, not mankind for them, thus delivering them an eternal punishment to watch even their own begotten suffer eternally. Somewhere down the line the Catholics thought this to be too hard to swallow and eliminated it from the cannon. Must read for the seasoned. Murph

Whoa. I guess I should do some research:-) I'm pretty suspicious of anything that is not part of canon as a prior study on books of the Apocrypha wielded a lot of historical and theological "problems" not found in the other canonnical books.

Now, is this the same "Book of Enoch" referenced in the book of Jude or a different one of the same title?


Yeah, I believe the Devine has his purposes for what the canon is made of but I certainly believe this book was of devine encounters.

And yes, I am here in Jude and this was in the same book. Jude Vs14-16

Ethiopian Jews believe Enoch I and II. The rest of us don't. However, in Kab. thought, it is believed that Enoch was one of the four men who never died, instead G-d took him to Heaven and transfigured him into Metatron, the angel of communication. He is the only man to have been made into an angel.


MS, that sounds like a comic book!

instead G-d took him to Heaven and transfigured him into MetatronWasn't he the bad guy from Transformers? :-)

Enoch didnt die! Bible states that he walked with Gos and was not. Was the first view of the rapture, Its Biblical. lol@IbI

Gos=God. Im not too sure about being translated to an angel tho but he was translated.

LOL@ IBI. Although I liked Enoch better when he transformed into a gun instead of a tank.