Attn: Rooster

I got a personal question for you.

Since you say you were raised Catholic (very traditional Catholic, which I incidently find extremely fascinating) is you family (mother, father, brother, sister etc) still catholic and what did they think when you left the fold and became a Oneness believer?

At first, everyone thought I was crazy and in a cult ;-)

Overtime, they have visited church a few times and respect my choice. They will ask me "religious" questions but no conversions yet!

We believe that God is not 3 "persons" (polytheistic) but God is One. Father, Son and Spirit are titles that refer to that self same God in activity.

God was Father in creation (of all things), he was Son in redemption, He is Spirit in regeneration.

That's the quick and skinny. I'd be happy to answer more specific questions. I have some understanding as to why you so sensitive to remarks about UPC being a cult.

Mask, that's the big difference. It reflects in other parts of our theology. For instance we baptize in the name of Jesus as opposed to the "trinity" as 1) history records that was the "earliest method" 2) the book of Acts records that was the invocation and 3) we believe it fufills Matthew 28:19 by supplying the One Name "of" (that belongs to) the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (thereby bringing consistency rather then contradiction between the "2" methods).

We also believe that when you receive the Holy Spirit you speak in tongues. Some protestant churches believe that, most don't. The big difference is our Judeo/Christian monotheism.

mg: I have some understanding as to why you so sensitive to remarks about UPC being a cult.

me: actually, I'm not real sensitive to that. I actually don't care a whole lot about what people think because people don't define me.

I really was sensitive to one coment and that was when you repeated my accusation about ignoring scripture. I value every dot and every tittle as equal and as God's word.

Saying that the Trinity is polytheistic is a bit much don't you think? Especially for someone who understands it.

Helwig, thanks for the question. I am certainly being very general. I have found most of the "lay" Christians I've talked to (of multiple denominations) to either be essentially "oneness" (that is God is not distinct persons, but God manifests himself in many ways), tritheistic (truly believing in 3 divine Gods/Beings) or confused and not really understanding the Godhead.

I find the expressed theology of the early Fathers of the doctrine and many modern expressions to use language that I find extremely tritheistic. I again have also heard language and scriptures by trinitarians that could have been preached or delivered from anyone in our movement.

I meant no disrespect nor offense to you personally but was trying to draw a theological distinction for Mask. Thanks for asking.