Hi Roy,

I am a Marine who is about to get out of the Corps and might move to the SD area. I was wondering what are your criteria for accepting students during open enrollment. I have heard many great things about you as a Christian, teacher, and person that I would consider it an honor if I can study at your school.

A friend of mine just let me borrow "Purpose Driven Life".. a book you sent him through your generous offer. I have to say that God used this book to totally renew my faith in Him. With all of my deployments in the Marines.. starting up in my own business, I guess somehow God was left out in all the busy-ness. I thank God for godly men like you who serve Him uncondionally for His purpose. Take care and God bless Roy...

Mike Nam

Hello Mike,

Regarding my criteria for accepting students, it's actually very

1. Be considerate of others.

2. Be willing to learn and grow alongside the rest of us.

Believe it or not, some students have a problem with this. So,
every six months or so, I have a talk with all of my students and
give them the following speech:

"If you wear a darker colored belt, have a skill or athleticism or any
combination of these elements, you have a responsibility at my
academy: Your responsibility is to give and share of your time,
knowledge and experience to other students. When it's your turn
to kick someone's butt, ask them permission first. This way, there
will be no hard feelings after your "hard, fast and explosive" match
because they gave you permission.

We are all family here at the Harris Academy. We are all in this
together. No one is more important than anyone else.

If you cannot share, then there's the door. I do not need your

I know this message sounds harsh, but I have to be the "Pointman"
when it comes to safety. If I don't say something and take a strong
stance on safety, no one else will. I realize it is my responsibility to
care for my clients. So, because I have more than enough students
to make a decent living, I can establish and maintain the type of
academy that I want, as well as a training environment that my
clients enjoy!

If this sounds like something you would like, then please stop by.


Roy Harris

Regarding the "Purpose Driven Life" book, I am thrilled and
honored to read that it has positively impacted your life for the
better! It is comments like yours that make it all worth while. Thus
far, I have mailed 120+ books and have recently purchased 40
more. I have sent this book to many cities here in the US, Canada,
Finland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Australia, Indonesia,
Germany, Serbia and Greece. And, the requests keep coming in,

Regarding your faith being renewed, I can relate to that. I came
from an athiestic background. I gave my life and heart to Jesus
Christ back in 1981. However, after witnessing so many miracles
with my own eyes, after having so many of my prayers answered
and after experiencing all that I have experienced, still, I turned
my back on God for fifteen years because of anger and bitterness
in my heart. Yes, I made mediocre attempts to return, but
honestly, my heart was not in it. I had been hurt. However, an
accident three years ago changed all of that. After experiencing
my own "Jonah's story", I finally re-commited my life to Him again.
I went from Athiest to Christian to Hypocrite and back all in the
space of about 20 years. So trust me when I say that I understand
what it means to push God aside with all the busy-ness of life.

Jesus Christ is as real as any arm lock or choke I have ever
experienced! I know this from personal experience (with Jiu Jitsu,
as well as with Jesus Christ). I know many do not believe. And, I do
not shove the Gospel down their throats. Rather, I pray for them
and allow God's Holy Spirit to draw as He promised He would in
His Word. When He opens the door for me to speak or act, I walk
through the door with boldness. When He told me back in
December to give this book away, I immediately went out and
bought 50 copies of the "Purpose Driven Life" book. Now that I am
beginning to see some of the fruits of my labors, I am encouraged
to give even more, as well as encourage others to give as well!
Giving, without asking for anything in return, is what I have been
called to do. And, it is what I will continue to do until my last days!

Mike, I encourage you to find your purpose in life. Because once
you do, the joy and peace that will come from it will be
unspeakable, just like He promised in His Word! Nothing in this
world has more value than living your life for His calling and His

If you ever need help, just send me an e-mail or call me, anytime
day or night!

Take care of yourself,

Roy Harris


Thanks for the sincere response. God is starting to reveal my purpose in life. I know He wants me to do youth ministry in the future. I got an offer from my pastor's friend in the SD area to be the youth pastor. I had an inclination to decline for the time being because I haven't gone to seminary school or anything yet, but God has given me a heart for the youth.

I thought about a quote my friend shared with me that Jesus' disciples and apostles never had formal training... "God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called" Please keep me in prayer about this. Their church has a basketball team... maybe I can get a BJJ team started and maybe you can do a few seminars! (Just a thought)

I would like to definitely stop by your academy during open enrollment. I know the Lord has blessed your academy. Plus I really enjoy BJJ and Kali.

Thanks for the offer for me to call and e-mail you. I will definitely keep in contact with you.

His Servant,

Mike Nam


I am glad to read that you have found your purpose in life. THAT
DISCOVERY is a major milestone in a person's life. So, now that
you see the light at the end of the tunnel, what have you been
doing to prepare for the call?

You know, equipping one's self for ministry is similar to preparing
for a BJJ competition. There is a lot of planning, preparation,
perserverance, determination and dedication that goes on before
the actual event take place.

Humility and compassion are to the minister what endurance and
determination are to the competitor: ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENTS!
Keep this in mind as you prepare to serve your King.

Roy Harris


If you have not made a final decision to move to SD you might prayerfully consider Multnomah Biblical Seminary in Portland, OR. Studying there was one of the best things that has happened to me. I didn't end up being an hospital or Army chaplain like I thought but it has helped me grow spiritually and has helped me learn more about God and His plan for me.

Hi Roy,

Sorry it took me forever to answer. I just got back from field training. Man it feels good to feel with air conditioning and sleep a bed!

Right now I am getting confirmation from my church and most of all.. PRAYER. I have been looking at Calvary Chapel Bible College lately. I heard it;s an awesome God-filled school.

Sovann- I will check out that website and check out that school if I am not going to move to the SD area. Thanks for the help!

I have so much peace of mind with God revealing His purpose for my life. I know the journey is just beginning.

I really appreciate the help guys. I'll see you Roy in a few months from now. Be expecting a call from me in the near future. Take care and God bless Roy and sovann.

His Servant,