Attn : Royce Gracie ! Question

Hello, I also posted this on the UG Forum. Hope you get a chance to respond.

I know that you stop by here on occassion. Nice match with Yoshida. If there had been a decision, you would have got the nod ! Congrats !
Two questions:

1. Will you fight Yoshida for a third time in 2004 ?

2. I've seen you in pictures with Magnus Samuellson. Have you worked out with him, and what do you think of his chances against Minotauro ? There is a strong possibility that they will meet in Pride in Feb 04.


Will I fight Yoshida again. Sure, if Pride wants to set it up.

Magnus, I have trained with him he is a friend of mine, all I can tell you is that he is very strong

Thanks Royce.