ATTN: Royce

Hi Royce,

Know your training hard and may not get the oppertunity to answer but worth a try and also I wanna know other people's opinions.

I was talking to my BJJ coach about your fight and he wants you to destroy Hughes and tap him out, basically because he is sick of the MMA fans counting out 'old school' jiu-jitsu fighters and saying they aren't evolved enough for 'today's sport'. He is wanting you to remind everyone that BJJ is the ultimate fighting style, and that without your family and gracie jiu-jitsu there wouldn't be 'today's sport'.

How do you feel about this (question is for other UG members if you want to answer also)? Are you wanting to win this fight to remind people who you are and that you are still a force in MMA. Or are you wanting to shut the mouth's of the ney sayers and win to remind people what bjj is?

for you or for bjj as a whole?

for other UG members: do you want royce to win 'cos your a huge fan or because of the people who trash bjj?


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when it comes down to being in the cage its just one man fighting another...I think he will be just thinking about winning, to win?!

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nightstalker out of curiosity who is your bjj coach?

Aaron said it when I was last there erm.... a month ago lol.


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sorry NS...back to Royce..

BJJ has developed and progressed anyway...I think Royce acknowledges that, and that the Gracies started the ball rolling anyway...

Does it not piss you off that most people say he has no chace 'cos he's one dimentional and is ONLY a jiu-jitsu BB and has not striking abilities?

I Like Matt but want Royce to punish him, Hallman style only a bit longer as it's the main event

i dont think "most people" are saying that, he has alot of support...

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