attn ryan ciotoli

I've read a couple times you think silva is going to lose to up for a small bet? Nothing crazy, because I like you, and would feel bad taking your $$$....something small like a beer at the next fights, or a free ithaca in?


Rick, Ill take your bet. I havent read results yet, but I think Hunt is going to knock Silva silly. What do you wanna bet?

name it, Joe. Again, you're my boy, so it's gotta be something like a beer, or a free t-shirt. I know you don't drink, so what are you up for?

Lets do a shirt. A MassMMA/Dragon Lair shirt from you if Hunt Wins.

And Ill get you an Aggressive Submission Fighting shirt if Silva wins.



sounds good.....I just checked the want me to keep it a secret, or you wanna know?

Fuck no, I dont wanna know yet.

Ill find out Sunday night... but now you have me curious as to if I have a shirt coming, or you do.

I... can ... hold ... on ...

A free IC shirt. Funny.

Silva really won in my eyes... so I wont hold you to the bet Rick