Attn Ryan G

I have not seen this match yet but I found this write up for you.

The tournament began with a reserve match between Koutetsu Boku and Hermes Franca. Franca stood and received many punches, knee shots, and low-kicks and started to slow down by the end of first round. In the second round, Franca took the fight to the ground twice but both times Boku didn't allow Franca to pass the guard, bringing it back up to the standing position. Then he kept landing punches and won in a decision.

Boku told the media after the fight, "I saw Franca's fight on video and I never thought he was all that strong. I was right."



Boku is so boring. :(

Still tough to beat in MMA.

He's improved, I'll give him that. He's like a smaller Pedro Rizzo without the striking power.

He is a work in progress and can still beat guys like Franca. He still has a ton of room to get better and will. Not many guys in the sport can beat a guy like Hermes Franca while they are still learning to fight.

That's impressive.

What were the other single fights on that event?