Attn: Ryno RE: GM's

Inspired by your love of GM's i decided to try it with my sandbag. I started with it pretty light (about 60lbs) since i wasn't used to it. I did some dynamic stretching for about 20 minutes prior so i was ready to go.

I busted out 12, then went straight into 12 squats. I then push pressed it a few times and rested.

I upped the poundage in the next set to 80 and did pretty much the same stuff, but threw in some curls since i like to see the veins in my arms.

Then i took it up to ~110. Repeated the same process. It's tough to get up to the shoulder at this point, since i've had little practice. I through in some directional GM's (towards each leg) and some lunges with my squats.

In any case, my traps and neck were fried too! That was the best part about doing it with the sandbag (besides the added comfort since it's not solid steel on my neck). I didn't use my hands on most of the reps (since it just conforms to my back) so the extra effort of keeping my head up and my shoulders back really recked the upper back muscles.

It was nice. I can only imaging what it would have been like with a 200 lbs sandbag :)


Awesome dude. Thats a fucking good idea.

Weird you posted this now.. I just logged on to make a thread -- I thought I'd ask for a few ideas on what I should do for my workout today..

But I think I just figured it out.. I'll post later after I finish.

Oh, and Wiggy -- just incase you happen to be reading this. I got your email the other day, and was really impressed with it.. thats some great GPP. Great design.. and nice exercise selection. Thats my warmup today, for sure.

I've been having trouble responding to your mail though.. I keep getting 'em bounced back to me. I'm sure the problem is on my end as its happened before. I'll get up with you as soon as it gets straightened out. I just wanted to let you know whats happening.

Sounds good. Try some upa's too, which are good for grappling.

Lay on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Put the sandbag (heavy!) on your hips. drive your hips forward until you're a straight line from your shoulders to your knees (you'll need to hold the sandbag up with your hands or it'll land on your face). You're basically humping the shit out of your ugly sandfilled girlfriend.

Its a good workout. Noone can stay on top of you in mount after that.


Pardon me, but what is a GM?


GM is a good morning. The exercise that looks like a stiff legged deadlift but the weight is on your back like a back squat.

And ttt for what Ryno thinks. I'm still a little sore.


Oh yeah.

Sandbag GMs were cool. Its a bitch getting that bag situated, but thats part of the fun.. I'll definitely do this again. Good idea.

Didn't try the upa's.. I didn't read that post until I was done. Sounds sweet though.. I'll try 'em on Tuesday.

You can load the weight on dude, with those upas. I did 20 with 120 lbs without even breaking a sweat.

I need a 300 lb sand bag now....

RE: situating the bag. That was almost all the fun. Getting it up to the shoulder, then hopping around while tugging at it until is was across the back.... loved it.

How much did you use for poundage? I'm still a little sore and that was five days ago.


I think my bag is like 130 or something. I used the one I made a long time ago -- I just dumped sand into a garbage bag then put that into a duffel. I put wet sand in there though, and its been sitting out for a year.. so I'm not exactly sure on the weight.

It didn't make me sore, but I've done widestance GMs w/ 365+2chains on each side when I was doing the WS thang.. and that didn't really make me sore either.

Yeah, i dont do them much. I did a bunch of cleans yesterday though. That cleaned shit out of there. Got the blood flowing.