"that Hawaii trip is finally happening in a couple of weeks and I needed some help from the locals here. GF and will be there from the 15th-22nd of Sept. at the Sheraton Waikiki and she has a nutritionist conference happening the first 4 days. Could you guys point me in "the right direction regarding:

  1. beaches - besides waikiki is there any other ones worth seeing? good scenery (laying out or snorkeling) and eye candy for me is a plus.

  2. nightlife - are all the clubs/bars located in a certain area of the city that we could easily get to by cab (and walk to different spots)?

  3. food - any favorite places you guys like to eat? maybe a couple fancy spots, but mostly just someplace that we''d remember because of the food.

  4. MMA - still pissed that i''ll be missing Mayhem vs. Lawler and was hoping to catch a show while out there. "

ryukenden, i recommended this to goku a week or so ago, and for what you're looking for, it sounds like this may work for you too--your gf's conference, i assume, will occupy her completely for the 1st 4 days? activities, co-worker socials, etc? anyway, here's what i recommend.

day 1 arrive--ck/in normally not until 3pm so you'll need to plan something prior to then--maybe take your rental car to the north shore and grab a picnic lunch somewhere out there. there are a few touristy marketplaces out there where you can buy hawaiian made things and art. drive back to hotel ck/in, chill--maybe take a nap and do some pool time. dinner at roy's or 3660 on the rise for your first night. all within reasonable taxi distance so you guys can get waxed. make sure to pick up a nice bottle of wine or champagne (first night maybe a little jetlag so i'd go w/ something lightly sweet and effervescent like a moscato di asti, or moet white star)before heading back to the hotel. if you choose 3660 for dinner, there is a nice wine store called "tamura's" located within walking distance of the restaurant. after returning to hotel, take a walk on the waikiki front walkway that fronts the royal hawaiian, moana surfrider - halekulani. there is also i nice bar on the top of the sheraton called the skyline i believe that is nice. not pumping, but nice.

day 2-5 (gf at conference--shit bro, that's all weekend) not sure what you'll be doing then, but i'd use the days to scour waikiki beach for some asian side-tail action. i train sat n sunday if you want to roll, let me know, i can pick you up. maybe you can wake up real early one of those mornings and hike up diamond head crater and watch the sunrise. breathtaking. surf may still be holding out on the south shore so you might have a go at it.

day6 drive out to the windward side of the island and head to lanikai beach. take a picnic basket and spend a few hours out there chillin w/ the girl and do some light snorkling too. they have kayaks you can paddle w/ her out to the twin islands that would be fun. return back to waikiki. dinner at possibly sam choy's if you want to do fish and poke--or if you want sushi, just a block up from sam choy's is tokuritei--authentic japanese stuff. good.

day7 drive to north shore. suggest you try kua aina for some burgers. (i think it was saucy that didn't like kua aina, but i love the place) dinner at mariposa for your last night. make sure to make reservations before you get into town so that you can get a table on the balcony watching the sunset.

if you want the club scene, i suggest you do the w, oceans, mai tai bar, or if you want the tourist scene more--dukes, or the royal hawn original mai tai bar.

if you have had enough of waikiki after the first 4 days, then maybe you can take a side trip to maui or the big island for a day or two. tons of cool stuff to do there too.

kinda tired right now from staring at too many meatspins, so sorry if this seems a little discombobulated.

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