Attn: SacWerneck

I have fulfilled my screen name bet with the other guy, so your two weeks starts whenever Kirik changes my name.

Here is the email I sent Kirik:

Kirik -

I need to fulfill my other two week screen name bet, so I need my name changed from Countryboycantsurvive to JiujitsuPWNSJudo.


The Donkey

Damn it Hughes!

Take pride in being a mans MAN that honors his bets! Don't worry I'll lose one to ya soon. Any bets on the next UFC you'd like to do?


As much as I hate to say it...I'll take Diego tonight? What would happen then, if I win our bets cancel eachother? (assuming you'd want Riggs).

Sims Army members...Kickin ass and takin names!...



Sac -

BTW, I think I'm going to start jiu jitsu soon! I've only been training MT for 2 years, no jiu jitsu.

Congrats man! I want Joe Riggs to win over Diego but sad as it is that Romo wins everytime. I couldnt believe he beat Karo....

Anyway great news about the bjj. Just remember dont get frustrated at first its very humbling. Im 200+ and in really good shape and having 140lbers completely dominate you opens your eyes quite a bit. What instructor?

^Sac has humbled the correct...

Sac - I'd be training under Greg Nelson. He's Sherk's (along w/ a lot of other fighters) trainer and a BJJ black belt under Pedro Sauer.

I actually am eager to go tonight, but gotta watch the fights. I have no problem checking my pride at the door in order to learn from one of the best, and get tapped by smaller guys. One of our thai instructors is the WKA & IKF Lightweight champion, if I spar him it's very humbling! If I land 1 punch or kick it's a victory in my head!

Best SN bet name, IMO...

Slap those Judo nuthuggers right in the mouth...LOL


^ Good attitude imo. Also for confidence what I recommend is go for 2-3 months and then grappler with a good strong buddy that doesnt know jiujitsu....your advancement will BLOW you out of the water.

heh! Thanks for the support Sultan.... I love the new name(bjjPwnsJudo that is). I dont like The Sultan as much as Eddie Saldana though...

Anyway bro! Hows training? I broke both my toes so I had to wear wrestling shoes to grappling and then the shoes got me WICKED hurt in a toe hold by some noob so I have a strained tendon now.... oh and califlower ear.


HOWEVER next week I start weekly private lessons so I think my bjj will REALLY hit the next lvl

Ahh, the old attack buddies that don't train to gain confidence maneuver...I like it! ;)

^ Well it shows you the street value of it and helps establish confidence in one of your chosen arts.

I agree, just f'ing with you.

However the best move is a strong standing guillitine on one of your drunk buddys.

Oh btw you need to make the standard post announcing that you lost and this is your new name. I reccommend keeping the name forever imo. Its a GREAT name.

I saw Brock Larson pick a guy up in a standing guillotine last month at the Greater Midwest Submission Hunt! Looked and sounded painful.

Kimura from closed guard is easy on grappling newbs as well.