ATTN: saucylv33 Need Help

saucylv33 Krazy Mike here. I am a writer photographer for and we have been trying to get in touch with the UFC in regards to covering UFC 51 We have left messages and e-mails have had no return info.

We have covered the UFC past events and would really like to Cover UFC 51 as we already have our rooms and travle planned.

please shoot me an e-mail with contact info

PS. I have the posters hanging in all the gyms and sportsbars in the area

Deeder-We really try hard to cover mostly all events and get the results up right away.

Thank you for your support!

On a similar note, Ive been trying to get ahold of you as well in reguards to some promo shots from TUF.

Victory Jay, I have forwarded your request to the appropriate person and I'll check on Monday.

saucylv33-Thanks for the 411