mmaweekly is reporting that on the carson daly show, liddel and coture said they will be fighting on april 16. could you please confirm this date. (i need to setup my vacation at work)

thank you

Saucy I was wondering when the UFC posters should be getting here?I haven;t gotten them yet and was wondering when I am supposed to.

ttt for answers




Looks like April 16th is correct.


for people with flights to book !

I don't know for sure what was or wasn't said at the Carson Daly taping, but I do know that Saturday, April 16th is the correct date.

when is the next UFC on the east coast!?!??!

Dana said April 16th on MMA Weekly radio show this morning. And the live finals for the ultimate fighter will be the weekend before also in vegas.

I would not book travel yet. The April 16th date is not confirmed. It's a working date.

thanks for the update saucylv33,

What's the likleyhood of date confirmation prior to February 5th ?

It will definitely be confirmed before February 5th.

saucyl33, if you have a minute, could you shoot me an email
at I have moved and need to give
you my current address for the posters.




Thanks for the update saucylv33

Please keep us posted

Apologies saucylv33, as I know you get this all the time, but could you drop me an e-mail as I have a genuine query regarding UFC /Zuffa.

Thanks again . . . .

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