Attn SBG members

At the end of July I will be opening a MMA training forum. What it will hit on is not, the technique aspects. Rather it will be on the cardio, weight training, supplementation aspects of it. You wil find WSB guys there, Core strength training guys there. People such as myself who incorporate swimming, running, weights and the entire gammit of things for physical fitness. It of course will be a free board, where people are free to ask questions and get numerous opinions as there is no "one way" that works for everyone. I will update as the time gets closer. However I would really like to have you all over and check it out. There will be boxing, grappling, etc areas as well. Obviously I won't be commenting much in the BJJ area, as I have no experiance in it LOL. Thanks for your time.

I'd be happy to sometimes, and I am sure others would as well. But you will need to post the URL.

I don't have it up and running yet, however it will be here as soon as it is up. Looking forward to meeting you in Singapore Matt. It will be my first BJJ experiance, so you will all get a good laugh.

Hey Matt would you have time to do a online interview sometime? It would be for my site. I am going to hit up Rodney as well.

No worries everyone who has done BJJ has had one first experience with BJJ. Looking forward to meeting you as well.

No worries here, it will be great, I have read a lot of your work, and I look forward to applying it. As a former Kajukenbo guy, looking to go a more free route, it will be good for my future teachings.

OK guys it will officially be up by the end of the week. come check it out, there will be lots of good information there.