ATTN: Scott...a few ?'s.

Here are the few questions I mentioned on the "What's next for YOU?" thread.

I have been working on Soft-Work for a while now. We have been basically spontaneously addressing IFV with the Inoculations.

1) Shock Engineering. At what point do we begin to pro-actively address the IFV? Or is this for Fisticuffs only (not the series, but the drill in Shock-Engineering) and not within Soft-Work? I mean the 'pugil' responses like 'Cutting the Force' and 'punching into his punch'.

2) Tracking. I noticed that often you 'track' or trace the limb once you've inoculated and adhered. Is this something that you want to do as much as possible?

Could you point me in the direction of why I should track? Not specifics...just ideas that can help me discover. You of those mysterious answers that I have to train to find out? ;-)

3)Stringering. I have seen the term in Fencing before and it wasn't very clear. I went to a book store to get more info and all the manuals only touched upon it. Can you describe/define it? Is it a 'sliding' motion across the limb or tool?

4)Shock-Absorption. When addressing unarmed FV's a la Shock-Ability or retro-actively, you 'roll' with the force minimizing damage. However, on the Bayonet series you addressed the blade retro-actively by not letting that sucker get near you, for obvious reasons. Using evasion or structure assumption.

Now, when using a staff, stick, carbine or other blunt object do I do the same? In other words don't let it get near me, or can I address blunt objects as if they were a fist (blunt object).

I know this is a LOT of stuff, so please when you get the time. I'll wait patiently...I think. ;-)

Anticipating some paradigm shifting and knee-knocking answers!! ;-p Please, by all means spare NO words.



I'm in the picture on your first comment. I'll just say...I'll 'let' things happen.

"Why would it be advantageous to "Track" or as I have referred to it as "Stringering" (a term from fencing)? You tell me and you have the answer yourself...
STRINGERING is the act of "Cutting the IFV" at the slightest angle, while ENVELOPING it."

Ah-ha. That answered my next question. I have a better idea of what stringering is now. I was referencing the scene where you slice/scrape (I know...crude) your Bayonet down the length of Menard's (sp?) Machine Gun. You'll have to forgive me...I've only watched this series twice. When I hit a dozen or so, I'll stop bugging you!

#4: So it was pedagogical...not tactical? Duh! Ok...I'm onto it...I'm slow sometimes. I'm getting it.

"This is further made obvious through study of both ARTHROKINETICS and FISTICUFFS."

I just bought the Bayonet series 2 weeks ago for my B-day and just saved enough money and will be ordering some Arthrokinetics in the next day or so. I have being HIGHLY anticipating Fisticuffs and have already started putting money in a jar!! I will place my order the moment you release it!

I don't mean to be a pain in the ass, but could you narrow it down now to the amount of videos? ROUGH cost, so that I know how much OT I should do? ;-)

Thanks Scott, for your help. I will print your post out and will work on the ideas in training today.

All the best,


Hard-Work!?!?! *Gasp*

I am salivating!!! You're killing me! I feel like a 10 year old kid on Christmas Eve at 5:30 in the morning. I can see the sun coming up now!!! ;-p

<<< One more comment... in FISTICUFFS I demonstrate the antithesis, the anti-Santa, the Bizzaro Superman, of SOFT-WORK: called unimaginately - HARD-WORK. HARD-WORK IS very much hard work. >>>It took me a while, but eventually I laughed my ass off at that one.For those of you who've seen Dogma, I think this is one of those "Holey Bartender!! I get it, it's a great one!!" moments.Fraternal-Cilian

Oh no, brain hurting, must not allow brain cells to propagate, no independent thought.

*Leaves room to get a beer and beat his skull into the wall to counter act smart talk by Aus and Scott*