ATTN: Scott Morris

Mr. Morris, I was wondering if you have continued to be involved in MMA in any capacity. Do you still train? And if so, in what styles?

Help me keep this up guys.

Scott is mostly remembered by his loss to Pat Smith.What alot of people don`t know is that he won earlier that night but it was not shown on TV.

I was training in RBWI at the time and was bummed but he had a nice guillotine from the top with a grapevine in the first fight. His fucked up belly to belly fucked him in the Pat fight. ttt hope he is well.

What's RBWI. I heard Scott was training with a Gracie affiliate a few years ago but didn't know if that was accurate.

RBWI = Robert Busseys Warrior International

RBWI= ninjas LOL

I always wanted to see those first round fights from that night.

I'm sure they were brutal. A couple of them were pretty long...didn't Remco Parduel go like 12 minutes? I remember Jim Brown and the announcers saying he didn't have much of a chance vs. Orlando Weit, then he took him down and elbowed him silly.

I guess what I like about early UFCs is you see TONS of weird positions you never see in MMA anymore. Guys with no clue of what to do.