Attn: Scott

Hello Scott, I bought GTB , Zdorovye(the breathing tape), and Shockability a loooooong time ago. I appreciate the overall concepts of your tapes, and also your advice on this forum.

One of the posts on GTB really hit home with me. I originally bought it so i could workout at home on my floor. The tapes showed a bunch of excercises, but not how/when/why you would use them.

From watching various Pride/UFC matches, its very obvious to me that conditioning IS a big part of training. Are the biomechanical excercises you provide supposed to give you conditioning benefits in addition to making you move more efficient?

And as far as the tendon strengthening excercises in tpae 1.2, how do you progress into them? I know you warned not to jump into the excercises. I did them slowly and carefully one time, and afterwards it felt like I sprained both ankles and forearms (i started feeling a day after doing the excercises. immediately after doing them i had no idea i had even injured myself!)

Thanks for your time and dedication to your product. The material you present is very interesting!!!

Subject: GTB questions.

Hello again scott, and thanks for your quick response.
Its funny, I've been a passive reader of the mma
community for so long its kind of wierd having someone
answer My questions. My name is XXXXXXXXXX, and
I ordered your tapes over a year ago. I'm sure you
can check for my name among your sales records for the
exact time I purchased them.

Now as for the questions. As far as training goes,
when i meant conditioning benefits i meant having
"wind." I know a big part of this is breathing, but
the breathing tape was pretty hard for me to figure
out too. I don't really know how to do the excercises
in a way that i'm improving. i.e.: when you're
training with weights you can see the improvement you
make because you can see the increased capacity to use
heavier weights. I've become a little better with
flowing from standing to shinbox, weight transfer to
other leg, to standing, etc. But, lets say that i
continue using the breathing excercises, will i soon
not 'gas out' when i wrestle?
If my goal is to become proficient in wrestling, what
would be my movement goals?

Also, I wasn't blaming you for my "injuries." I chose
to do the excercises, I read the preliminary warnings
b4 all the tapes, and my injuries were by no means
permanent. Its more like when you start doing hindu
squats, your knee joints feel sore at first
(jiont-wise, not muscular soreness) but after a while
they get accustomed to it. I guess my question is,
is the soreness part of the process of toughening up
of the joints? Surely training until failure is
dangerous, but how will i know when i've done enough
of a certain excercise to get any benefit from it?


From your profile one would think that you may be new to physical culture. The exercises in GTB are like a gun they need to be respected at all times. The reason is that they are powerful.

"Surely training until failure is dangerous, but how will i know when i've done enough of a certain excercise to get any benefit from it?"

My friend because of the magnitude of the exercises are so great you actually have no choice but to benefit, BUT how are you going to know?

because they give you loads of information.
You referenced this information when you were talking about the "soreness" that you felt.

Good or bad the amount of information that you recieve, is equal to the exercises ability
to effect change in your physiology.

STAY with me here.

The exercises MAGNATuDe equals it's ability to effect CHANGE. Just like a gun is powerful enough to effect CHANGE because of it's potential for high MAGNATUDE or POWER.

WE all understand that a GUN should be respected and the reason is because of it's POWER to effect CHANGE!

Now your saying, "How do I know the the GTB drills are going to be benefiting me?"

BECAUSE of there ability to effect CHANGE in you. Remember they made you "sore" or gave you a "temporary ailment"?

NOthing like that (GTB, GUN) is going to leave you in mediocrity it can not by it's nature.

A gun doesn't have the abilty, when it is used, to not have a grand effect good or bad. Unless of course it is a squirt gun,(LOL) Oh but wait even then you get high magnatude laughs.


I sincerely hope you understand this my friend it will help you wield the POWER of ROSS!

Dani'l Chomycia


"how will i know when i've done enough of a certain excercise to get any benefit from it?"

You have not been training the movements seriously. The REAL question is "how will you NOT know?"!

Just my two cents.

David Pilkinton