Attn: Scotty or Gumby

I never received my order # 637. Can you give me an update as to when it will be shipped? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey DragonLee-

I got your e-mail and believe I responded earlier this week (my e-
mail is pretty wonkafied at the moment and sometimes I don't
recieve stuff or vice cersa). Will resend the e-mail on it to the
address from the Contact Us.

To summarize, not sure why it didn't ship when ordered, but it
dId ship on Feb 11 and I included something extra because of the

Please note in the future, you can also track your orders through
our order tracking section on the website by entering the first and
last name you ordered with here:


Gumby and Scotty

Hey Gumby,

Thanks for the response. I tried tracking my order through the efulfillmentservice and nothing is found by entering my name. I will let you know when I receive the order. Thanks again for your help.

Hey Gumby,

I received my order (# 637) today and I was missing the ' 3rd Interestadual de Submission-MG'. The web site said Out of Stock. I sent you an email today. Maybe that is why it was not included with my order. It was not even listed on the EFS Packing List. Please let me know what can be done. Thanks again for all your help.

The tape is out of stock. It will be in ASAP and ship right out.




Thanks for the response. Will you be carrying the 3rd Submission Wrestling Campos event featuring Marcelo Garcia ?