Attn: Scrapper

I was wondering if you've seen Coach Davies book on training for alternative (I hate the term extreme)sports. I want to improve my surfing and there are some cool exercises, especially on the indo-board, which I love. I was one of the guys who pre-ordered your Mod 1 and every one of the workouts still makes me hurt. Would you recommend doing your workouts for a while then the Coach Davies for a while, alternate, or take some from both for each workout? I want to keep getting stronger for jiujitsu, but improve in the water. Thanks bro.

Have you seen an improvement in surfing performance since you got your indo board?

Actually yes. I just got it for fun, but got addicted to it. It's loads of fun. In coach Davies book he has all kinds of crazy workots with an indoboard. Ollies, 360 spins, even one where you lay on the ground and pop up like you do surfing. It is a killer leg workout. I watch movies and just try to balance. After a while of just standing (actually you are going back and forth trying not to bust your butt) you'll be sweating and can barely stand.
As for surfing, I notice it most when I'm really flying down the wave and automatically make the minor adjustments to keep my balance.

I do have Coach Davie's book, but I haven't been able to sit down and read the entire thing. Like many fitnes products out there, there's some stuff that seems useful and other stuff that simply makes me wonder if you need to do it.

The challenge here is trying to find those "magical" exercises that will make us champions in our chosen sport. While fitness training has a carry-over effect, the only way to get better at your sport is to practice your sport.

Yes, there are some great exercises on the Indo Board that can help your balance but if you were going to devote serious time to either the Indo Board or surfing...I'd recommend that you get in the water as often as possible over exclusive use of the Indo Board.

This same mentality applies to grappling as well. All the squats, pullups, snatches, and sprints you're doing might be getting you in great shape but if you don't get on the mat and apply your new levels of fitness to your game you can't really expect to get any better. You follow?

If the Mod. 1 workouts are still kicking your butt, cut back on some of the intensity. Look at the exercises that are giving you the most trouble and find a suitable alternate you can use for a short while. Another option is to simply stand back and catch your breath during certain portions of the workouts.

It's also perfectly feasible to substitute some of the exercises in Coach Davie's book for some of the exercises in the Mod. 1 workouts. Find one that you can do in the same amount of time and see how it works for you.

Of course, the best decision is to stick with a training program for a period of time. I get tons of emails from people who hop from workout to workout every two weeks and then wonder why they are stagnating. Consistency is the key bro.

Let me know what you decide to do!

Train hard,


Thanks. I get in the water every chance I get-3-4 days a week. The problem is those fun filled 6 months I get to spend on Navy vessels (USS TARAWA) or in the beautiful Iraqi desert every 2 years. I still get on the mat 2-3 days a week for jiujitsu too. I'm just trying to cut out any extra exercises.

You're on the TARAWA? I remember diving on that pig when I was stationed at CDU in San Diego. We hated that freakin' boat! hahaha!

I'm not on the Tarawa now. I'm a Marine and the Tarawa and it's crew was kind enough to give me a ride to Iraq. I don't know which floating palace will be taking me overseas next time.