I ordered the Mod 1 DVD from you on May 23. I have sent 3 emails and posted on here for the second time. Can you respond to this, I would like some type of notification from you.


Same here Scrapper, May 6, sent e-mails and no response.


The email I got from you the other day was the first one I received. I just responded.


I haven't gotten anything from you. Put THIS IS CHOJUN in the subject line.


Hey Scrapper,


I ordered the Mod 1 about close to a month ago.  I sent 2 e-mails but I still haven't got a reply.

Jeff Duarte -



Scrapper, I sent the e-mail.


I just saw your post on and did a search for your initial order. This:

Re: zJ0r6 GdFVK

was in the "subject" and wound up in the trash. I get pounded with so much crap email that my internet provider has turned it's junk filters up to insane levels (like I need penis pumps and vaginal stimulators...sheesh). The shitty part is that a lot of legitimate emails don't make it through.

Right now...I just got back from working on Maui. I just found out that my dad had (another) stroke, and wants me to come see him in Florida, and I'm about to get into a custody battle with my nutjob of an ex-wife over my son. Sometimes it feels like the Universe is having prison sex with me! =)

Anyway, I'm pretty much a one-man-show out here. I now have a partner that is helping me with getting my orders out. Having been on as long as I've been, I HATE that I haven't gotten this out to you sooner.

Right now, I'm waiting on a resupply of the audio CD's that are in the Mod. 1. I should have them in within the next week and will be doing everything I can to get all orders out as soon as possible.

If you need anything else, please feel free to call me at: (808) 230-1666

Train hard,


P.S. That was in an email I tried to send you last night but it got returned. Go figure...

No worries Scrapper. Thanks for replying. 

I'm just happy that you received my order.  Now I know it will eventually be shipped out.  I was just a little antsy because I never got a response from anyone.

Sorry about your dad and good luck with your custody battle.

Jeff Duarte (aka, one of your biggest fans).


Scrapper, Did you get my e-mail?