Hey Scrapper - I ordered your dvd almost a month ago and still have not received anything. I also sent you an e-mail the other day and have not received a response yet. Can you look into my order? 5518-0477-9487-9887

I'm really anxious to get it as I've let myself get into terrible shape.


Hey Scrapper,

give me a shout, too.

Got some questions for ya and haven't been on the OG in forever.

Good to see you are getting it together with DVDs and such.

Email me as soon as you get a chance and I'll send you my phone number. I just sent out a batch of orders over the weekend, but if yours didn't go out, it'll go out today.



I can't find your order (I'm sure it's there, but I can't search for it with the number you provided). You should be able to get my number from paypal.

Email me, or gimme a ring!


Scrapper - I forwarded the order confirmation e-mail to you from Paypal. Hopefully something there will help you find my order.