Attn: Scrapper...

Hey man, thanks for calling me. It was great talking to you. My stupid cell phone lost its power in the middle of me talking to you! LOL!

Anyway feel free to call me tomorrow or if you ever need to talk. Thanks for the advice and I'll be doing more a.m. stretching.

Have a great day!

Ha! LOL! dude, you are funny...seriously. I know some guys get tired of it and it's not always appropriate, but you are funny. Have you ever thought of doing comedy?

I have talked to Scrapper before on the phone. He is a real cool guy. I think his Mod 1 is the best product for conditioning someone could buy.

He is a cool guy...

He's really great. I'm very happy things are coming together for him.

Has a nasty headbutt also

Rooster, it was good talking with you and I hope I had some good advice to offer.

The rest of you guys better stop trying to tarnish my image around here! Some folks might get the wrong idea about me, for crying out loud! ;)


p.s. Aaron, if I remember correctly, a few of those were "facebutts". I think about it when I have to look in the mirror in the mornings. =)