Attn Scrapper....

...are you going to be having a sale on your DVD in the near future?

Also, I am confused, you have a new "Module 1" I believe, does it have the same stuff as your old tapes, or does it leave out things?


just buy the mod1 and be happy that you did... and don't forget the puke bucket

When I come out with some more products I'll probably have some sort of "bundle" special, but nothing specifically for just the Mod. 1.

The Mod. 1 stands for "Modification 1" (military lingo) and it's a major improvement over my original tapes. The only thing that's the same in the Mod. 1 is Workouts 1 and 2. The other 5 workouts are completely new and are certified ass kickers. Just ask around. ;)

Once I'm moved into my gym, I'll be putting more stuff out on a regular basis.

Train hard,


Hey Fish,

I have been trying to call you for a weeka nd it goes right to voice mail.

You got me on the pay no mind list?

Bro, my phone wound up in the washing machine last week and I'm waiting on a replacement.

You gotta come by the gym soon, it's looking pretty good!

thanks scrapper. Unfortunately my current finances won't allow me to afford that rght now. I was hoping for a Scrapper 50% off sale!!

I wish I could help you man. Save up for it. Seriously, what you get in the Mod. 1, blows away almost anything else out there.

I do have free workouts on the site...

If your finances allow, check out Ross' stuff. He's freakin' top notch when it comes to fitness coaching.

Well call/email/stop by/carrier pigeon/smoke signals me so I can come by, I sat home last week washing and waxing cars when I could have watched you defy death.

No gloves were worn during the typing of this post.