Any chance of you shooting me some of those old catch pictures you have?  I'm really interested.

Have you ever found any actual footage?

I have the Caddock / Stecher match from 1920. You can usually find it on ebay. If not run a search, there are several online video stores that sell it. It also contains a work match between Ed Lewis and Dick Shikat that show-cases alot of sub moves.

I'm on an ancient computer with no scanner ect. so I can't email anything in the way of pics from my books. BUT, this address will lead you to ALOT of catch pictures. I'll give you a few direct pages in a minute.

Be sure to check in his old galleries also.

Here is a picture of the legendary Fred Grubmier, who made his living by hooking the hookers.

He is about half way down the page

Here is former amatuer great Nat Pendleton, who became a fairly well known actor, using a straight arm-bar to score a pin.

awesome, thanks.

Here's a neat shot of Jim Londos, who I believe is somewhat under rated using a wicked neck crank. Notice the grip..........ten finger......

imagine that. . . lol

Here is the infamous Stecher scissors.....ouch!

fuuuuck. look how deep that's in.  no chance of that guy spinning out.

Scuff, where do you train?


I am currently taking a little time off, but will soon return to teaching in a tiny little town called Appalachia Va.

I have former students who teach in three different locations.

Jason Coomer, who is a GREAT grappler and will be again competeing the pro no-gi at the Arnold's, teaches in Pennington Gap Va.

Gerald Wilson is teaching in Kingsport Tenn.

Robert Baker, who has won his first two NHB matches in short order, and Bobby Strough, who is 1-0 are running a small school in Pound Va. The town made famous by outlawing dancing :)

Awesome.  Do you teach catch stuff?  I assume you do, at least a little.  Do you know Tony C?

I don't know Tony Cecchine.

I do have some of his video stuff. I have to say it is head and shoulders above what little Matt Furey stuff that I have.

I do incorporate alot of catch submissions. Some of the other guys don't. We try to teach students to develop an individual style. Sort of like the JKD idea of absorbing what is usefull for you and discarding the rest. I trully believe that all "styles" by their very nature have holes and weaknesses.

Great, open mind.  Nice change of scenery around here. 

Those pictures were the bomb, too.