Allright...that fucking does it...when i started in Martial Arts it was in JUDO..YES JUDO...i lied to my dad about being in a weightlifting gym and i was using the money for JUDO!!!!

that being Oscar Charriez a known name for you?. According to his profile here, he's a trainer for the Olympic commitee...also there was a BAD article on him in the local paper cause his students went to a tournament and he no showed so they had to do it without a coach...anywho....his Kodokan Judo school is moving to a location closer to me as well as a guy named Felipe alleged 5th Dan in Judo...i'm tempted

its like we would tell anybody else.. you need to go tot he dojo first and foremost and see if it is the kinda place you want to train at.
in discovering that you want to see some type of rank certificate from either the kodokan or from the PR judo federation.
PR is a small place.. i can ask people to see if they know the guy.. see what i can dig up.

i'd appreciate it. I'm well aware of the fact that i need to visit the Dojo because it's how i ran mine. People called on the phone and i'd say "come on free class, then judge for yourself".

Thing is this..sad but Puerto Rico is no different than other places in regards to an abundance of wannabe's and bullshit artists who claim they can teach. To top it off, politics is the absolute worse i've ever seen. I mean there are rifts here caused by people stealing students, trying to dominate towns (by any means necessary) and other assorted bullshit that caused me to be a lone wolf in a forrest full of wolves. My own teacher got so caught up with it that it was one of the deciding factors in me becoming more independant and open minded. Hell i've got more friends in martial arts on the Mainland than i do locally.

I'm gonna visit both places but seeing as how i pretty much trust you blindly, i figured i'd get your feedback. I've been training with my partners on our mats at home but it's time for me to get back into the game. I miss the inside of a Dojo doing things for me and not concerned about having to teach. I wanna be a student again. I'm only 36...i got so fucking much i still wanna learn....yet another reason i wish i lived on the Mainland...

i sent an email to a friend who might know.. could tke him a lil while to get back to me.

Jorge F. Almada - President PR Judo Federation
Tel (787) 723-3890 ext. 257

Carlos Mendez might be in PR, he used to be at SJSU I think.

he was at SJSU, graduated from here. now he is in the airforce on the sports program.. trains and lives in japan-- tokai university.

he should be in venezuela right now for the pan-ams. he fights for PR still.

you could use the info felipe gave above and just find out directly. =)


Josh and felipe...thank you

Hey Nelson

Here is what I know.

Oscar Chariez Shodan (Miramar Judo)- good budy of mine, knows his Judo but is not the most expericed teacher in the world (doesnt pretend to be either), big freestyle wrestling background, one of the best submision wrestlers in PR judging by tournament results (teaches straight judo in the club though). Good for begginers (that includes you), the club has other blackbelts of diferent qualifications come and teach. Yesterday I visited and there was this guy who used to be in the dominican team teaching newasa, prety good class. Next tuesday we will start off aggain with the kickboxing/MMA sessions on tuesdays and thursdays (judo mondays and wendsdays).

Felipe Ruiz- is Oscars teacher and of many other good judoca I have known. I dont know him personaly but judging by his quality students and his rep he is ther real deal. Been arougn Judo a long time, fouht in the worlds at one point ect. Suposed to be a kata-guruma specialist. Has been Sagrado Corazon Universitie's coach forever.

Curently I do most of my Judo training with Coach Armada (who's contact info they gave you). Just go to miramar for fun once in a while since they are my budies

Arent you from Humacao????

I didnt know Oscar was moving.

I guess, I'll call him latter about it


Danny...thanks..I doubt it's Oscar that's moving. The name isn't familiar and that's waht i thought. Probably a student or something.

Yea i'm in Humacao but i work in Carolina. I'm like you..trying to find someplace to train in something else for a bit to compliment what i got now. I'm extremely confident with my standup. My Jujutsu (japanese) is fine. I want some more takedown and matwork....however i have a sinking feeling i'll wind up in Caguas with Javier Gils school doing Muay Thai and's conveniently close to my girlfriends house...gracias bro

Have fun mi amigo.