Attn: SHANNON "the cannon"

Hey Bro,
First of all I want to wish you luck. I know there was some debate on your GS-15 status and this and that. Man fuck it! If you are going to IRAQ, GOD SPEED BRO!
It is no joke over there. I don't know if you've been in a combat theatre before, I never have, until last year when I got there. Anyways, fuck the haters and join the celebrater's. Some of these SPECIAL SECRET SOLDIERS with all of these stories are nothing more than compulsive liars that insist on raining on everyone's parade. Do your duty, make that money and come home safe. GOD Bless you man, maybe I'll see you at your local KBR chow hall over there.........haha, the grub is not that bad.......You'll eat with the soldiers. I wouldn't want it any other way.......


Sean Sullivan

PS* Don't be fooled by all the merc's with tattoo's and go-tee's(sp), they are usually the first ones to start crying and want to go home.........That tough guy shit is played out over here. Represent.

TTT for SHANNON............
Like I said in the Soldier Forum, let your gut do the trigger pullin'...............




ttt god bless shannon

be safe you sexy thang.

got your e-mail, thanks, see you at the Chow hall,
PS- its all good!!

Shannon "The Cannon"

Gotcha Bro! Your detail over there is no joke. Be careful brotha.............