ATTN: Shawn Tompkins

If you should suddenly get a lot of phone calls from exotic dancers looking to be ring girls at your next event and they said that some guy named "Dougie" sent them... well... I will help you find this "Dougie" character and work him over for using my name for such nefarious purposes.

Your friend,


That's right BSF. Such an individual who would do such a thing should be sent TTB.

We're gonna find this "Dougie" and pound him good!

Shawn doesn't need ring girls, he has Jacob Conliffe. All signs point to Jacob being a tad gay.....

That one is for Maximus. Sorry for the inside joke.

Shit, I missed the edit !!!

Me too, censorship sucks

Oh you bastard BSF.

You know right now it is Tuesday and it's $2.22 Tuesday at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

You've made a powerful enemy today my friend...

eyeballing BSF menacingly

I missed the edit too.

...rut roh...


Thats your new job for my local shows.....

You can pick them, get them to come and let them in and out of the ring.

And all of this without your wife catching you.....

This could be great for my shows.

LOL! My Wife was the one who set me up to have my friends drag me to the nudie bar.

She knows I'm all bark and no bite.

Man, this will be a great job. I'll need an assistant. JHR?

You obviously haven't met my wife Dougie...


I have. Listen. It's just a job man. Just a job.

I know one might think that for two good looking dudes like us the peelers would be all over us but we have to be professional damn it! PROFESSIONAL!

If we don't take care of the boobies then just who will man!?'s more than a job, it's almost a sacred duty.

Canario would help, but I tend to scare away the opposite sex.

I hear Conliffe has plans for you anyway.


On that topic, yesterday Conliffe's status had been upgraded to Amazingly Gay but it was soon downgraded to regular amazing.

All is well, no need to worry. I hear he is definitely fighting Yan Pellerin on Novemeber 6.

Conliffe KO Kick To The Head

I don't fear violence from any Team Tompkins member, as one kick from any of them would kill me instantly.

Interesting, can you explain this "gay meter" you have developed?


The Canario-meter has arrived!

I believe the whole joke revolves around a quiz that Jacob took. The outcome suggested he was a tad gay. Rob has now developed a system to track the progression of the ghey.