Attn: Shen

I've been lurking for a while, and I'm curious:

Do you find it awkward that you have countless guys you probably don't even know swinging from your nuts on just about every thread?

It's nothing against you... you can't help what kind of guys envy and look up to you, but there are SO many guys lined up to suck your dick about SBJJ, etc. Personally, I think your posts are funny as hell, but the joke dies the second someone else tries to jump on board like they're part of you're posse.

Basically, it's the people who are about to bag on me in this thread.

Any thoughts?


I find about 95% of what he posts to be unfunny and tedious. The other 5% I find hysterical. I wish he would spend more time giving straight answers to some of the questions posted in threads. He seems like he has a lot of knowledge when he's not in character. i'm guessing he's been doing the internet thing for a long time and is bored with that, tho.

to me it's even funnier, because they always try to continue the joke and fail.


Guys trying to make jokes? WTF is going on here!

These internets are serious people!


Well, in case you hadn't noticed, I don't take this stuff TOO seriously so... no, I don't mind at all if other people kid around.


Regarding not sincerely answering BJJ questions on here more.... It's kind of funny: (Aside from my own class), I am probably the "go to" guy at my teacher's school in terms of answering questions (not including my teacher, obviously). This is because I LIKE to help students and always try to give quality answers. If I can't answer a question to my satisfaction, then I refer the student to Andreh or Koda or somone who has more or better info to offer on that topic. (I'm big only only teaching that which I know best).

But, I don't answer many technique questions on THIS forum partly because there are already many "experts" on here; both people who really DO know a LOT and those who just think they do.

That's one thing about BJJ: ask anyone who had been training anywhere from a few months to 50+ years, how to do anything and they will ALL give you an answer. But, it's the QUALITY of the answer that varies. However, many BJJ students,IME, don't have the discernment to separate high-quality advice from mediocre advice. (btw, this is a very important decision in BJJ; deciding from who and where you get your information).

There is also sort of a built in predeliction on here for "new" answers to problems and I am more focused on the finer points of basic techniques, the details of which don't easily lend themselves to written explaination over the internet --At least not by me. That's all.

--Oh, and I'm lazy too!

Take Care,