Attn: Sherm

Sherm, 'Pastor' sounds lame and wussy. It conjures up images of sheep-shagging Welsh farmers.

Instead, why don't you call yourself Alastor Sherm? It sounds similar, but is so much cooler. It conjures up images of angels, standing tall with flaming swords in hand.

At the very least, you should make 'Alastor Sherm' your secret superhero identity. When your congregation wants a jolly, mild-mannered guy to give them meek spiritual advice, they can go to Pastor Sherm. But in the dead of night, when they need a mighty warrior in the service of the Lord to slay a vampire or banish a demon, they can call upon Alastor Sherm. You could even have a cool costume, and some kind of bat-signal (perhaps with a cross instead of a bat). We could also pair you up with a bumbling sidekick.


For the linguistically challenged:

Pastor = shepherd

Alastor = avenging spirit

that's like saying 'Imam' - sounds like a 'mama' bitch.Yep. And when people say 'mullah', I can't help thinking of yougart.

LOL...actually my offical "title" is reverend...but I don't care for that "title". Whats funny is rev.John is actually a pastor and I am a reverend.

but I do have a bumbling sidekick...his name is mkirk :)

yours in Christ

Whats funny is rev.John is actually a pastor and I am a reverend.Interesting. What's the distinction between the two? Is it a specific qualification, or is it just which church you belong to?

The various faces of the faithful sidekick....

LoL. Thats a good one. Well, Pastorm Sherm is here to help. Not beat the shit out of people. It can give the wrong impression.

IBI, the reason my "title" is reverend is because I'm ordained in a denomination. I personally do not care for the title, because I am nobody to be revered, the only one deserving of reverence is Jesus Christ

yours in Christ


i think he should change his name to 'the VICKER'

actually Vicker is the name which my "faithful"{BAWAHAHAHAHA} sidekick mkrik goes by, he's been thinking off breaking off on his own and fighting heritcal crime by himself...gonna change his name to the Deacon.Pretjah can be my new Vicker sort of like the second Robin everybody was happy about when the Joker beat him with a crow bar and blew him up :)

yours in Christ


i'm the Vicker!! i'm the Vicker!!

can't wait to receive my Vicker Super Hero Outfit (sized X-LArge Short)