Attn: Showdown Joe


Great shows on TSN. It is nice to see a Canadian promotion doing well and getting some national showcase. I have to ask though who picks the sponsors for your show? Do you guys have a say in it?

The reason I ask is that my girlfriend and I were watching and a commercial came up for, we both laughed at the commercial and went online to see what it was and it turns out to be a web-site for people that want to cheat in their relationship.

I have finally converted my gf to all things MMA, she watches TUF religiously and is usually the first one to suggest we order the UFC on PPV but damn she is pissed about this commercial/site.

Just thought I'd give you a LOL because everything else is great about your show but you can't please all the people all the time.

I don't think Joe has control over commercials on TSN.

...maybe he does...

that's what I figured Dougie, he's looking to get some side action

when a company, or staff of a company airs a program they have no control over advertising spots other than those of their sponsors. I may be wrong but I dont see ashley being ane event sponsor so it was likely a paid spot from agency to network.


thanks Pete, I didn't figure they had any control over it, but it's funny cause my girlfriend absolutely hates the commercial and it only comes on during the Apex stuff on TSN.

its always played ont he fight network too. funny business for sure.

Actually Joe does have a large say in what commercials are aired during the telecast, and what many people don't realize (and what Joe doesn't want you to know) is that he gets first crack at all the cheating women!!
It's written into the contract.

That sneaky son of a bitch!!


Showdown Joe is not good for family values.

Hi Kevin et all,

Please disregard most of the comments above. I only speak for me and for APEX. No one else on this thread has any right whatsoever to speak on my behalf and on behalf of APEX.

Ashley Madison was a one of our sponsors and thus, were sold commercial space. They are big fans of the fight game as is evidenced by their many, many spots on The Fight Network.

With that being said, hopefully this spot did not cause too much of a riff between your gf and yourself..:) Believe me, my wife gave me an earfull when she saw the ads as

I checked into my contract and it doesn't say I get first crack at the cheating women. RobWynne scared me for a bit, but I double checked to make sure that if it was in there, then I would have every right to do so. Problem is, I own a house, car, motorcycle and much more that I cannot afford to

You know, really, if people didn't want Billy Madison to make any money they would not use their service.

It's that simple.

In the meantime, they support the sport I guess.

Does this mean I have to go cheat with someone's wife to support the sport?

Joe, why do you ask me to do such things? as you please my friend...;)

MMA has always had odd sponsors. Toyo tires sponsors the UFC.

Rubber aned cheating.. I see a trend here

Crazyhook not sure I know what you mean?;)
If we are going to cheat can't we do it the old fashion way like bending your secretary or assistant over the desk at work...


Thanks for the update. I kind of figured that ashley madison was somehow involved in sponsoring Apex. I think it is great that your promotion it starting to take off.

I am sure you wife gave you as much grief and probably more than my girlfriend so no worries.

Keep up the great work.

I hope that my post wasnt seen as me speaking for Apex. That is the very LAST thing I want or need right now. My post was a general and factual statement on how ad spots are run on TSN. Most people arent aware of how this works so I shed some light that ALL shows only have control over their sponsor spots. I remeber explaining this to a few names above not to long ago :)

I assumed that a MMA group wouldnt be associated with a company that encourages married people to disrepect their spouces, however I was wrong. Congrats!!!


How about you mind your own business and stay off threads that do not concern you.

It said Attn: Showdown Joe!!!

Listen kid...this is a public forum and my posts were polite to all. Just because you've became a back stabbing turn coat, at least use your great polititian skills to keep a mellow vibe on public forums. I could care less of "your business" as I have always been into bigger and better things (most of which have included EMPLOYING you) so calm yourself down and re read my posts as I simply adressed a general question. Since January you have tried to involve your self in MY business and I have kept quiet about it and have actually learned to laugh it off.

There are so many great things going on with Canadian MMA so keep your girl like bickering to yourself.