attn SILK/Robert

Hey dude, only just worked out hot to get on this forum. Anyway, how's japan? Man, I really miss Tokyo. It might just be grass is always greener syndrome, but I think about it a lot. Remember I told you I'd be studying law? Well I am, and I really despise it. I reckon I'll still end up doing it in the long run, but my ambitions in that field have definitely changed a lot (ie striving for something mediocre in order to have time to train/fight/write etc; really couldn't give a fuck about corporate/pressure stuff when you consider the hours). How's training going? I've been training hard here, had 2 pro mma bouts and done a bunch of wrestling tournaments. you can see my fight on it costs about 200yen to download my fight. Oh, yeah, definitely planning to come back to japan for another year (or more, who knows). I aim to be back in September. Will you still be there? you're probably thinking, ha, told you so etc. anyway, would be good to hear from you. my email, if I didn't give it to you in japan, is look forward to hearing from you. Olly/Griffin