ATTN: Sims Army

I have a BIG announcement next week about an upcomming fight. However being that the Sims Army has been growing at such an incredible rate, I want to send them a message so that only they will know what I am talking about.

I am "ighting-faye imo-Kaye" in Hawaii.

In order to understand this message I suggest you join the Sims Army.

The above secret message is going to take place in October

. Awesome


Edit your post so it just says "awsome"

I'm not a fan of myspace nor am I part of the Sims Army.

I am a mayhem monkey however and I support this thread

KO him Wes, then take the UFC heavy weight championship so the belt will have some credibility.

(throws Mayhem patch on the ground)

I'm signing up.

Sorry Big Wes! Remember know I'm slow.


no need to abandon Mayhem, infact I think that the guy is funny as hell.

I am a fan of his as well


What event will this be in?


"The Whole Show!"



lol, ArtVandelay you absolutly can....

Oh, and please join the army as well

I will have many more messages like this for Sims Army members only

I am looking who ever made up that photoshop of me in front of the mobile dojo. I want to do 8x10's of it so I can send them to my fans.

who did it?

Lankford I gave you props on the radio show yesterday, your posts make me laugh my ass off.

your morman statement on the homo thread


capnsavem has been listening to the show.

next week that only thing that I am going is phone calls to some of MMA's top names.

I foresee an apout-tay by emo-kay