Attn: Six Deuce

When are you coming out with some Board Shorts?



shakes head

Yah QUIK get on it... sheesh!

It's not like you're busy or anything.



Board Shorts, Board Shorts, Board Shorts................ 

I've got some black ones coming within a few weeks...what would you guys like to see screened on them? I've got a few ideas, but of course...looking for feedback.

^ You have permission to use my picture.


black fight shorts suck.

Thank you,

loyal Six Deuce fan (seriously)

Black severely limits the look of the shorts IMO. For example I love Inspirit, but cannot get myself to buy their new model just because it is black. Am I a fool?

Agreed! It's the first batch, and not a full order, so I didn't get to have much say in regards to short designs. They are black with white stitching and piping. I really wanted to do white material...but I'll see if I can't make them look alright.

No worries.... my face looks good on any color. 


What ever you decide on I'm sure It will look awesome.

i like the crown logo, as long as it's not too big. the wreath would be cool too.

navy and even a silvery would be cool colour.

also, did you read my hat suggestion on another thread, quik?