Attn: Skipper77

Hey would you mind dropping me an email to

ericmacdonald713 at

I've got a question for you. Thanks in advance.

yea same with me.. seriously..

thank u

I can answer any questions for, let me answer the most frequently asked question:

Yes, Skipper is single and yes, he is looking for a strong man to take his breath away.

all i need to know thanks

Oh the g-hey is strong in this thread...

And pretty sure he still thinks fever's mom is hot

Phuck you guys make me out to be some raging Phag!! Eric and Basso you guys have mail!! Dougie and Canario.....I will see you guys in Hull. Better bring your helmets Bitches!!!! Oh one more thing.......yes Fever's mom is one hot piece of ASS!!!!!!

lol, i thought "i'll see you guys in hull" was a typo

You won't see me anywhere. I'm opening the gym friday night so I will be here in London.