Attn: "Sky Pilot" from Minnesota

Howdy Roy,

I've enjoyed BJJ201 Volume 1 some lately. But today I have a question for the "Sky Pilot." Any tips on the technique of a sound basketball shot? Thanks for any help and good luck!


Have you read my articles or were you one of "Sky Pilot's victims
back in the day?

Regarding developing a sound B-ball shot:

1. Make sure the ball begins in the center of the palm of your right
and left hands. The grip of one hand should be opposite (almost
90°) of the other hand.

2. Make sure your right elbow points out and away from the body.

3. Load the ball over your forehead.

4. Flex your right wrist.

5. Extend your right wrist.

6. Make sure the ball spins off of the index and middle finger of
your right hand.

7. Make sure the left hand pulls the ball directly over your right
index and middle finger.

8. See the shot.

9. Feel the shot.

10. Finally, when you can't shoot worth a hill of beans..........DUNK
! )

Roy Harris

P.S. I'll bet you didn't know I taught basketball in Duluth?

Is this a serious thread?

I always thought of the left hand (for a R handed shooter) as nothing more than something that stabilized the ball in your shooting hand. That is, the entire impetus of the ball is delivered via my right hand moving through the shooting motion (ball at hip, then chin, then forehead, and release).

BTW - Duluth Bulldogs suck.

I've read several of your articles but I learned about your b-ball name "Sky Pilot" from BJJ101 Volume 1 (revised), where you demonstrate some VERY impressive hang time [true, it is with the help of a freeze frame, but I'll ingnore that :] I wish I'd seen you in action back in the day! Thanks for the tips, that's the kind of advice I was hoping for.

JR Pinkey

(P.S. You're right, I didn't know that.)


Back in the day, I was a b-ball fanatic in the winter months. To
this day, I still tell people "The only winter sport I played was
indoor basketball!"

I remember "hanging" out at the YMCA on first street for six to
eight hours every day! It was me and my ball. I used to dunk one
hand, two hand (barely) and then my skypilot dunk where I would
run up the wall alongside the baseline and dunk from fourteen
feet in the air! My "hang" time was almost three seconds! Of
course I had the wall to thank for that.....



Why do the bulldogs suck?


That was just in jest - I'm a Gopher and just bitter that we lost to UMD in the first round of the NCAA hockey championships this year. Hehe.

Gophers and Bulldogs are natural enemies!