Attn: Sled Dog

Please contact me at as we'd like to order some Mat Man knee pads for club members but your e-mail through your website is not working. Thank you.

S'il vous plaît me contacter à comme nous aimerions commander quelques coussins de genou d'Homme de Tapis pour les membres de club mais votre e-mail par votre site web ne travaillent pas. Merci.

Dougie you have the power.


master of the univese, sith lord, bilingual. I can't compete Dougie, u win.

If worse comes to worse we can always order bulk from the company.

Things are not always as they appear GeeRoxx.

I am also a lesbian.

You play golf too ?


I do golf. Not well, but I play.

We have to go out to oxboglen(however you spell it) golf course and then to Jim's for a bbq after.Let's set it up.I play but don't play well.

Don't let your dog eat this pair Dougie.

Did someone say "golf"???

I'll go, but you have to understand my philosophy of golf - any wimp can hit the ball off the short grass in the middle. The real men play down the sides and in the trees. And if I'm going to pay all that money to play, I'm not going to just hit the ball 70 or 80 times. Noooo. I'm going to hit it 140, 150 or more times and get my money's worth.

Your in DSC.Also with that philosphy you can be in my foursome(golf lingo nothing kinky).Let's talk about it and set it up for sometime in June or July.DSC the warrior.

...and that means there is always lots of room in front of me. I never have to wait. Behind me...another story.

We will start throwing around the idea at practices and see if we can make it a club thing.Play 18 holes then choke out a few golfers in the club house after.Last we can get really hammered at Jims and I can make a fool of my self and put a lampshade on my head.Then we can shave Bobs head......It all sounded good till the last idea.