ATTN: Soriel RE: Thick Thighs(PIX)

I'll be updating this, so check back. ;)





PP -- on the very left is Fabio Cannavaro, to whom I have already dedicated a thread.

On the right is Manuele Blasi, thread forthcoming. However, I must say, he looks hotter in that pic than any other.

woo!! sexy man thighs!! There's so much hotness in this thread, I might just explode. I think fabio might be my favorite though. He has hot shoulders too.

Ja, Fabio Cannavaro is the hottest of all soccer players... to my knowledge :P

We can keep searching though, hehe

and what a joyous search it will be!

I'll help you out (as best as a "mudnamer" can).

There can only be one.

This guy just looks stupid, but they are definetly "thick."

Greco-Roman Wrestler, Alexander Karelin (left in red):


*jills openly* 

UFC Fighter Tyson Griffin (dubbed by Joe Rogan to have a badonkadonk) also has very thick and delicious thighs:



In white:

Tyson Griffen vs Urijah Faber

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Tyson Griffen vs Ryan Frost

do most girls like thick thighs?
and how thick do they have to be to qualify?

I don't know about most girls, but it's a particular "thing" for soriel and I.

I'm not into obnoxiously muscled thighs/legs, but I think fit and thick -- slightly defined, but mostly mass -- is superrrr hot. See the above pics for the visual reference. :)

yeah i always thought it was actually a turn off.

ive always had pretty thick thighs and its refreshing to hear that at least some women think its a good thing.

I've never been a fan of stick legs. I think most girls are focused on the upper body, and if that's well defined on top of stick legs...well, I just can't help but think of a badly drawn super man, where he's all shoulders and nothing else. Not that shoulders aren't nice, but I find it all to be almost unbalanced.

And yeah, it's not really about the musculariness. It's just that they're thick with a bit of definition. looks like something you want to hold on to in a good round of really hot sex.

I know I'm not making any sense here at all, but I've tried.

it always cracks me up when top-heavy guys are lifting upper-body weights in the gym when their little chicken-legs look like they've been completely forgotten.

Some of the boys on the OG have been clamoring for a RugbyGround, and I promptly demanded they post pics for our jilling purposes.

They came through:

jacques has skinny legs.

 This is a resident OGer. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM: