ATTN: Sothy--OT

Hi Sothy,

Do you have any friends in Japan that do biz with some of the Japanese bookies? I'm trying to figure out if there is a big discrepancy in odds on Pride fights over there and the United States. Could be profitable for us.

Let's say Yoshida was +220 and Silva was -260 in the United States, and Yoshida was +140 and Silva was -180 in Japan. We would bet on Yoshida in the United States and bet on Silva in Japan. Betting the same amount of money on each fighter we get a risk free bet on Yoshida. Based on each 100 dollar bet

Yoshida wins-- we win 220 dollars and lose 180 on Silva for a net gain of 40 dollars per $100

Silva wins-- we lose 100 dollars on Yoshida but win 100 dollars on Silva, so the bet is a wash.

We make the bet in the United States, and the friend makes the bet in Japan, so no money has to transfer between until settlement of the bet. Obviously, it would have to be a close personal friend we could trust.

It only works if there is a huge difference in the line, but since MMA isn't on every bookies radar screen like football, basketball and baseball, there might be golden opportunities to exploit line differences. At the least, its worth looking into.

"friends" no...but I guess I do know one guy (girlfriend's cousin) who sells pachinko machines to the various parlours as his job, so he might know since Pachinko is, well, related.

I'll ask for you, but I'm not sure how one would place a bet, as Japan is heavily into cash.

I reside in Vancouver now, so it might take a while to get an answer.

K. Don't worry about it. Doesn't sound like an easy thing to do since we don't have a trusted person who is in constant contact with their bookie in Japan. For all we know it could be a jackoff anyway because there might not be any huge discrepancies in the lines.

It was food for thought, anyway.

Here's a tip guys: Silva beats Yoshida. Cut me in.


If your bookie will take the bet, I'll gladly cut you in. :)

LOL @ JG looking to trap! A bookie's nightmare. Always thinking.