Attn: Spanky and PR.

Join me in having a good laugh at the leafs expense.



lol, at least when the Leafs streak is broken they'll be able to say they lost to a decent team, sort of, and mabye. :)

Floppy Dinkwack..haven't you already been warned?What wil it take for it to sink into your thick,dense cranium.Are you retarded or something?WTF is wrong with you?Did your Mother drop you on your head when you were little?Grow up.peace

You fucking RETARDS...

Leafs BITCHSLAPPED both Vancouver and Detroit...

You'll never learn you fairweather fans.... HAHAHAHA


lmao @ back 2 back against Vancouver, then a blow out against Detriot..

the LEAFS were just scoring when ever they wanted against detroit



Nah fairweather fans would be the ones who only stick by their team when they're winning.. I didn't see a lotta leafs fans posting much until they went on a little winning streak here lately.You're right though they did bitchslap the Wings, but the games vs the Nucks were very close.

LOL @ the leafs making out of the first round.


Spank, I had forgotten about this forum and Hockey until Mark was doggin my basketball team on the OG the other night. Hockey isn't my favorite sport, I like it though, and the Leafs and Devils are my teams.

I was on a plane back from Sweden as a very young kid and got to meet the 86 Leafs team and was given a Maple Leafs pin by the coach. Too bad I don't know who he was. lol, but I stand by them, and come playoffs I'll be here. :)

Sounds good my man :)

We love the trash talk in here, it's nothin personal, but rather expected.

Good stuff, I'll try and stick to normal beer, the malt liquor brings out the ghetto in me. lol

The leafs still suck.



LOL @ the wings not making out of the first round.