i want to extend a well deserved thank you for the knowledge that you have shared with me thru the forum, videos, emails, amerross BB, etc...

my fight saturday night went great. first i want to say that at the end of the first 5 minute round when the bell rang i couldnt believe 5 minutes was up! i was sure the time keepers had made an error. the round FLEW by! i was not even close to tired. i had not even picked up the pace, because i was sure i was only 2 minutes or so into the fight. same thing for the second round. at the end of the fight i felt like i could easily go another 2 or 3 rounds. i believe the dykhaniye breathing techniques i have learned from your tape played a large part in this.

i also was very confident in my ability to "absorb" the shock of my opp. standup. i saw things clearly and landed several good shots in both rounds, while only recieving two grazing shots during the whole fight! i feel these tapes have improved my confidence in delivering full, explosive leg kicks,(i landed 3 good kicks) because i know how to neutralize any incoming response.

once again my thabks goes out to you and your staff. i highly recommend these tapes to everyone (except my future adversaries).


marc bryan

one of the guys from the gym taped it. i will get a copy and send it your way.


Congrats hawk


thanks socal. i wanted to look better than i did, however after a long layoff from training and gaining over 70lbs i had a lot of ring rust and my timing was a little off. a couple of my sub attempts were not as tight as i would have liked, but its a start.


scott, my adversary was a fellow forum member. i will post an edited version so as to not "dishearten" him, or appear to be bragging.

how would that be?


its up.