Attn: Stephan Kesting

Hi Stephan,

On your Half-Guard DVD, in the chapter on butterfly-half guard, you
show a move of pushing the opponent away with your butterfly hook,
sitting up (into basically the butterfly guard), and then butterfly
sweeping him.

You then show a few recounters when the guy posts his leg in
response to the butterfly sweep. In one recounter, you sweep him over
the top of your head, more to six o'clock than to three or four o'clock.

I think at the end of this one, you say, "life is good." In the second
recounter, which is only shown during the "live sparring speed"
segment, you seem to push the guy's arm through his legs and roll
yourself between his legs to take him over.

These two recounters are very interesting, but there's no explanation
of them on the half-guard DVD. I'm pretty sure they aren't on your
butterfly/xguard DVD either.

Would you mind explaining these recounters? I really like them but I'm
not sure I understnad how they work.



You're both right and wrong. These recounters are not discussed in the Half Guard DVD but they ARE discussed in detail in my video "Dynamic Guard Sweeps Volume 1: The Butterfly Guard and X Guard". Do you have this video?

The reason I didn't go into the counters and recounters to the butterfly guard sweep is because I was trying to make the point that you can go from half butterfly to full butterfly and then play from there. If I had briefly covered the counters and recounters to the butterfly guard sweep I wouldn't have done them justice, and if I had covered them in detail I would have wasted everybody's time since they are already on a previous DVD.

Anyhow, in the first recounter you are simply changing the angle at which you are applying the sweep. You sweep to 3 o'clock, and he posts his foot at 3 o'clock to counter. By changing the angle of the sweep to 6 o'clock you take him away from his base and pop him over. I show this and discuss it at 46:02 in the Butterfly Guard video (Counters and Recounters, technique 2, "angle change").

In the second recounter you refer to you also start by sweeping him to 3 o'clock but with control over his wrist. When you change sweeping angle to 6 o'clock you stuff his arm through his legs, which simultaneously unweights his leg and also stops him from stepping forward to readjust the position of his foot. When you pull this move off it has a real "Captain Kirk Aikido" feel to it, and it is a lot easier than it looks. I cover this at 48:30 in the Butterfly Guard video (Counters and Recounters, Technique 4, "Arm Block").

Does this explain what is going on?

Perfectly, Stephan. Thanks very much!

And I do have your Butterfly/X Guard Dvd. I really appreciate you
noting the exact times on the DVD; that will be extremely helpful when
I watch it again tomorrow.

I've been having a ton of success or perhaps luck with the half butterfly to fully butterfly guard transition. Basically, from half guard I look for old school; if it;s not there, I go to half butterfly and look to establish full butterfly as soon as I get the chance. Once I set full butterfly, I go for either the basic butterfly sweep or set-up x-guard.

AWESOME stuff. Thanks Stephan - it changed my game!!!