Attn: Steve Berger Jr. or Sr.

Hey guys, could you give me or Chris a call or send us an email asap, thank you sirs, take care.

Zack Brennan

Chris Brennan

I'm not sure if Steve checks the Underground. Shoot me an email at: and I'll give you Steve's number.

hey guys,

steve sr. here. You can reach steve at 314-892-7276
cell # 277-6644. I may be reached at 314-892-3244 although I have handed management over to alex and I am merely a spectator!!!!!!!!!

Best Regards,

Steve Sr.

Steve Sr,

You'll always be more than just a spectator! With that in mind, we're going to have to speak some more after this next show in Hawaii!

Take care!

Steve's computer is I don't think he is checking the forum.

Everything is good now, the right people are talking to the right people!


Thanks for the kind words. I do love the mma and all those involved in it.

Steve Sr.


We need someone to contact one of us today if at al possible PLEASE.