Attn Stevew - WoW

I'm gonna roll up a priest on alliance Kil Jaeden this weekend. Want in on that shit brah?!?!? Phone Post

Roll on Mal'Ganis... not Kil Gayden

see what I did there

 I still have a set of enchanted BOAs on KJ or I would 

im transfering my rogue there ...whats ur character name seanster??

i cant play horde too much since Q times are not instant since i have to take care of shit

i havent yet im debating if to transfer my rogue or my pally !!! ahhhh the choices

rogue seems like a shitload of fun

paladin i would be ret and occasionally holy...seems to be keep it interesting to be able to play both

what do you guys think

fuck it going dwarf on my lock lol

You're alliance on Malganis? Phone Post

They recently made heirlooms bind on account, but I'm not sure if they allow you to mail them across different servers yet. Would be nice.

I wish I was on a real server. Destromath is lackluster. Played a bit on KJ around launch but all my characters there are around lvl 40.

 Nah I am Horde on there. Zbo, Poundmyfist, Elcreepo, and Nickmanning