ATTN: StickGrappler

*lights stickgrappler signal on the roof

need your help here

sees stickgrappler signal and shirks mod duties and flees

er, you know you could do it too, right?

no..i can't i can only warn and delete posts.....

ah, sorry, thought you had full powers within this forum

i'm pretty sure none of us do..........

do you see this at the top of the right frame (the frame with the posts)?

Refresh : bottom : Log in/out : Check Ip's : ADMIN

if you do, click admin and you will see options to move

oh..i see...i'm retarded now....

btw look here and see if you can help me out...

and now you know and knowing is half the battle...

realizes he has power


dayum noob with their newfound, but really-had-it-all-along powers!

ok on 3...1,2,3...with great power comes great...





Kneel before DOOM!

i was being sarcastic...i've tried to move threads befre and it says i don't have the authoritah....

doh! oic




er, are you building postcounts by ttt'ing?