Attn: Strawdog, need some recipes

We are the best!


@Cheddar_Man @Kirik_Jr It’s amazing how you can switch accounts back and forth so quickly.

And not get confused over and over and over

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Its almost like its two people.

Yeah no

Or one…

It’s so obvious Kirik Jr and Cheeze Whiz are the same person its not even funny anymore. He’s messed up and posted under the wrong account multiple times only to edit the post when I call him out on it.

I’ll never get tired of dunking on this CheeseSliceJinxSportingGoodsJr retard lol.

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Jeeeesus :joy::joy:

@KidQuick , that’s the result of exceptional hand speed and hand to eye coordination.

Comes from years of tweaking large women’s large nipples in exactly the right sequence

I get my hand speed from rubbing women’s clits.

@KidQuick not everyone can switch between accounts that fast. Im not KJ but if I was I’d draw upon my incredible manual dexterity, the kind where you dont even need 10 fingers, to post so effectively.